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The sky as the sun is rising

becca brighty

Occupational Psychologist

Passionate About Supporting Different Minds

7+ years experience as a Business Psychologist and Coach, trainer, public speaker and entrepreneur. My experience of the public and private sector, as well as the start-up world has given me a unique combination of qualifications and industry experience. I am recognised for providing transformational coaching, increasing self-awareness and improving team collaboration, goal-setting and resilience.

Becca Organisational Psychologist

I work with individuals, managers and teams to identify their strengths and struggles. Using this information, we then work together to identify neuroinclusive strategies and accommodations to make the most of each unique brain. This enables people to work at their best; leading to happier, more engaged and productive staff.


  • MSc Occupational Psychology

  • BSc Psychology


  • Associate Accredited Coach

  • Neuroscience for Coaching

  • Business and Life Coaching

  • Advanced accreditation for Recruitment and Employee development 

  • Train the Trainer 

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