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Unlock the potential of neurodiversity with our expert guidance.

We offer workplace neurodiversity consulting. Below is an overview of the most popular options, but please get in touch to find out more and see how we can help you specifically. 

Our consulting is carried out by Rosie, who is a trained ISO9001 (Quality) and ISO45001 (OH&S) internal auditor. She understands the needs of a neurodiverse talent pool and is experienced at identifying risks and opportunities.  

Image by Arlington Research

Workplace consultation

Do you want to improve how neuro-inclusive you are as a company? Or maybe you would just like to confirm that you are doing the right things?


Taking into account company aims, including KPIs, we will work with you to identify opportunities for improvement or create a targeted neuro-inclusion plan.

Product or service consultation

We will work with you to identify how to increase the neuro-inclusivity of your product or service. This will allow you to be more accessible and attract a wider audience.

Virtual Consultation
Neurodiversity Recruitment Training

recruitment consultation

We review the full recruitment process, from job adverts, all the way to onboarding your new staff member and help make it more neuro-inclusive. By increasing how accessible your recruitment is, you will have access to a wider talent pool.

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