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Meet the team

Portrait image of Rosie Brighty - Founder of Divergent Consulting

Consultant & Trainer

A proud dyslexic, dyspraxic ADHDer.  Our founder spent years learning how to create training content that helps the learner engage on a personal level. She believes that's when real learning occurs.

Her teaching and design engineering experience allow her to understand neurodiversity from an academic perspective and use universal design principles within her consultancy and training.

Portrait image of Beeca Brighty - Psychologist & Coach at Divergent Consulting

Psychologist & Coach

Still working out what her ADHD diagnosis means to her; our organisational psychologist Becca supports individuals and teams in the workplace, helping them make the most of their brains.

Her credentials and experience in the world of occupational psychology, along with her own lived experience, has given her a fantastic skillset to help people thrive, no matter their neurotype.

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