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Conversation starter package

Our signature package features a course of workshops, designed to get your company open and talking about neurodiversity by focussing on common strengths and struggles that neurodivergent people often face. 

This package allows staff the awareness and vocabulary to support each other and be their best selves at work. Each session has a workplace focus and includes discussion time and interactive elements. 

These 1 hour workshops are designed for unlimited delegates and can be carried out remotely, in person or hybrid. You choose what works best for you and your staff.

session 1:  Introduction to Neurodiversity

What is Neurodiversity? (SPOILER: It’s just the natural variation in how all of our brains work.) Why should we care? This session will cover the basics of what it means to be neurodivergent, including the Spiky profile.

Session 2: 

A look in to our senses and how we perceive things. Sometimes neurodivergent people experience their senses in a different way to Neurotypical folk, which can make the world both harder, and more delightful (depending on how it is managed).       

Session 3:  Executive Dysfunction

This session will look into executive function and the kind of difficulties that we experience when these cognitive functions don’t work quite as well as people expect.

session 4: 
Masking (Projecting a “safe” Version of Yourself)

We have all been there – a night out with a group of people you don’t quite feel yourself with; doing your best to get on with them, but finding it pretty exhausting. Plenty of us live every social interaction in this way by masking our true selves. A chat about what masking is and how we can help ourselves and others remove those masks.

session 5:  Burnout, Meltdowns and Shutdowns

Part of the neurodivergent experience for many people is on a burnout cycle.

This session covers why this happens and the sort of things we can do to set boundaries, support ourselves and others.

session 6: 
The social side

This course finishes discussing some of the social aspects of life that neurodivergent people can struggle with, based on some of the areas discussed in previous sessions. How do these struggles show themselves? How can you support yourself and others? 


conversation starter package with lived experience

Many companies have found that their understanding of the neurodivergent experience, and their comfort discussing different brains, has been enhanced by listening to the lived experience of their colleagues. This allows more open communication, leading to more cohesive teams.

This course can also be altered to include discussion with your members of staff who have lived experience (maybe they are neurodivergent themselves or have a family member who is). This includes a meeting beforehand with the member of staff to help them work out how they want to tell their story, then facilitation during the session including asking questions.

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